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Faculty of Management

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Department of Ergonomics

Nadbystrzycka 38, room 212
20-618 Lublin
phone: (+48 81) 538 45 24

Head of the department

  • Krzysztof Czarnocki, Ph.D. (Eng.)

List of employees

  • Stanisław Bolibok, M.Sc
  • Marian Daszczuk, (Eng.)
  • Marek Jakubowski, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor
  • Anna Walczyna, Ph.D.
  • Krystyna Wojciechowska, Ph.D.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses -

Areas of actual research projects (offers in field of research):

Main research areas:
1. Estimation of physical and psychical load at the workplace.
2. Identification and estimation of physical and chemical hazards in the work environment.
3. Organization behaviors, occupational adaptation and work safety culture.
4. Safety systems and estimation of risks level.
5. Influence of Integrated Safety, Quality and Environment Management Systems implementation, to the work conditions in enterprises.

Main research achievements:
1. The employees of the department have published 151 works and educational thesis; they were authors and coauthors of 33 monographs, 5 doctoral thesis, 2 higher doctoral thesis. They participated in many national and international conferences inncluding AIHAs’ conferences in United States.
2. Department has provided several dozen of multiply research works and expertise applied to estimation of load and hazards on the work stands. In that many years of researches inclusive of estimation of work energetic cost and threats of cancerogens and occupational mutagens, to those workers who are employed in petrochemical industry and petrochemical transportation sector including Petrol Industry Central - Płock, Gdańsk, Ostróda, Nidzica, Czechowice, Nowa Wieś, Małaszewicze, Słotwiny, Zawadówka Sokółka, Jedlicze. The project has been completed in cooperation witch Medical University and Regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection of Lublin.
3. Adaptation of the methodic of biological markers implementation to the estimation of hazards caused by mutagens and cancerogens.
4. Safety Engineering Laboratory project preparation for Technical University Central Laboratory.

Offer in research field:
- measurement and estimation of work load on work stands (energetic expense), 
- measurement and estimation of employees exposure to harmful activity of noise, mechanical vibration, like also microclimate and pollination,
- analyze and estimation of safety systems, like also the level of risk in industries.

New research goals:
- Safety systems management in enterprises, 
- Biological markers in estimation of degree of risk and chemical factors harmfulness (researches are realized in cooperation with Medical University of Lublin),
- Risks of dangerous wastes in environment and methods of neutralization (in cooperation with Institute of Rural Medicine, Nature University and Catholic University of Lublin) – (researches focused to „Asbestos” have just began).

Experience in cooperation with foreign partners
- Multiannual. ass. prof. Tadeusz Baums’ cooperation with Institutes of Work Medicine and Occupational Illnesses in Budapest and Kiev, in realization of mutual educational – research works.

Educational offer:
- Department provides lectures, seminars and labs courses on the Faculties of Management, Technology Fundamentals, Mechanical and Environmental Enginering in the fields of: ergonomics and work protection, safety systems, ergonomics of office work, work psychology and sociology, social communication.
- There is prepared graduate program in the new specialty for students stationary studies of 2nd degree: Safety Management.
The department have abilities of leading chosen courses in English or Spanish languages.