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Faculty of Management

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Department of Organisation of Enterprise

Nadbystrzycka 38, room 231
20-618 Lublin
phone: (+48 81) 538 44 80
fax: (+48 81) 538 46 81

Head of the department

  • Jolanta Słoniec, Ph.D., D.Sc (Eng.)

List of employees

  • Tomasz Cieplak, Ph.D.
  • Katarzyna Czop, Ph.D. (Eng.)
  • Grzegorz Kłosowski, Ph.D. (Eng.)
  • Monika Kulisz, Ph.D. (Eng.)
  • Prof. Jerzy Lipski, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Eng.)
  • Elżbieta Małyszek, Ph.D. (Eng.)
  • Jakub Pizoń, Ph.D (Eng.)
  • Joanna Sitko, Ph.D. D.Sc.
  • Kazimierz Szatkowski, Ph.D. (Eng.)
  • Anna Dolecka, M.Sc (Eng.)

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses:

Specialty of the department, scientific activity, main achievements

Department runs classes within Marketing and Management specialization and is the leader of Management and Product Engineering specialization that is run together with Mechanical Engineering faculty. The main area of duty falls under the wide scope of manufacturing processes organization:

  • Operation Management
  • Organization and Assistance of Production
  • Technical preparation of production
  • Computer systems of production management
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Modern methods of enterprise  management
  • Invention and patent protection.
  • Methods and techniques of management
  • Research and evaluating of work
  • Product marketing

Science (main directions of research):

  • Enterprise management
  • Computer integrated manufacturing (including: organization and design Flexible Manufacturing Systems and integrated systems of production management).
  • Mathematical modeling of manufacturing systems (simulated modeling, mass attendance systems, neural networks, optimizing expert systems).
  • Computer systems: designing and developing methods of computer management systems, database design methods.
  • Innovations management: economics, management, development (evolution), transfer and marketing of productive innovation in enterprise.
  • Enterprise organization and management systems analyses methods (organization condition diagnostics, organization perfecting purposes).
  • Organizational service systems of technical production.
  • Future enterprises management (learning and creative enterprises).
  • Organizational changes accustoming methods in enterprise.
  • Knowledge management systems accustoming methods in enterprise
  • Technical innovation accustoming influence on organizational changes in enterprise

Research areas
Artificial Intelligence
Logistics of Transportation

Educational offer
MS Office 2007 Integration;
Logistics Integration;
Project Management Technologies through MS Project 2007