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History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Management was created in December 2007 but its relations with the world of management science are much longer. In 35-year history of the faculty there are four principle stages that can be distinguished. Those stages, that are connected to its organizational restructuring and changes, are as follow:

  • Stage I - 1973 - formation of the Institute of Organization and Management and its functioning till 1984.
  • Stage II - 1984 – 1988 - fusion of the Institute of Technology and Machines Exploitation and the Institute Organization and Management, which resulted in creation of Mechanical and Organization Faculty.
  • Stage III - 1988 – 2007 calling the Faculty of Management and Fundamentals of Technology.
  • Stage IV - September 20, 2007 division of the Faculty of Management and Fundamentals of Technology and creation of the separate Faculty of Management .

In the Institute of Organization and Management in 1974 the post engineer and in 1975 full time studies started. This was the result of the vision of future graduates' profiles and the  main didactic accent was laid on the enterprise, particularly on: the organization of productive processes, the organization of work, economics and computer systems in enterprises. Also Scientific investigations as well as projects also focused on those issues.

In the structures of the Institute the following Objective Groups were also appointed:

- Economic Sciences,
- Organization and Management,
- Numeric Methods,
- Applied Mathematics.

The scientific and research activity of the Institute was to fully recognize and understand functioning systems and methods of management in some chosen economic units, taking into consideration the diagnosis of organizational state of basic and auxiliary productive processes. The results were helping in the search of new, more rational solutions in the field of productive systems organization, especially in the improvement of methods and techniques of management.

In 1984 the second stage of structural changes began. Two units: The Institute of Technology and Exploitation of Machines as well as the Institute of Organization and Management were united and the Mechanical and Organization Faculty was created.

On September 1, 1998 The Faculty of Management and Fundamentals of Technology was created. Within the structure of the Faculty the following units came into being:

-      Department of Management and Informatics,
-      Department of Mathematics,
-      Department of Enterprise Organization,
-      Institute of  Physics,
-      Institute of Economic Sciences,
-      Institute of Methods and Techniques of Teaching.

It the Faculty of Management and Fundamentals of Technology there were two courses of studies: organization and management as well as technical education. The personnel of the Faculty was appointed from Mechanical and Organization Faculty as well as from the Faculty of Pedagogy, UMCS.

In the time of market transformations that happened in our country, the specialization of “organization and management” was in 1989 replaced by “management and marketing”. The characteristic feature of education programmes on the Faculty was meeting program minimum for this specialization with simultaneous stress on the engineering and organizing knowledge.

From the beginning of the existence of Faculty its workers co-operated with productive and service enterprises of Lublin Region, together with economic practicians solving research and development problems in the range of economy, management and informatics. The personnel of Faculty participated actively in training workers of enterprises and institutions from Lublin Region, in the field of current management problems.

Changes that occurred in Poland after 1989 made a huge influence on the development of Faculty. The rise in  the demand for experts well prepared to work in the environment of new market influenced the creation of new course of education on the Faculty of Management and Fundamentals of Technology  which was named Marketing and Management.

In years 1988-2007 there was further evolution of structure of Faculty. After several years of changes at last in 2003 the new structure of was shaped:

  1. Department of Management,
  2. Department of Marketing,
  3. Department of Enterprise Organization,
  4. Department of Basics of Technology,
  5. Department of Methods and Techniques of Teaching,
  6. Department of Applied Mathematics,
  7. Department of Ergonomics,
  8. Department of Economics and  Management of Economy,
  9. Department of Quantitative Methods in Management,
  10. Institute of  Physics.

On September 20, 2007 the following departments: The Fundamentals of Technology, Applied Mathematics, Methods and Techniques of Teaching as well as the Institute of Physics were separated from the Faculty. On December 28, 1997 according to the resolution of Senate of Lublin University of Technology The Faculty of Management was created.

The authorities of the Faculty, didactic objects, laboratories as well as library are in Lublin, Nadbystrzycka 38.