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11 marca 2020

Canceled classes from March 11, 2020

The statement No.1/2020 of the Rector of Lublin University of Technology from the 2nd of March 2020 in the matter of the epidemiology situation.

Vice-Rector letter to foreign students.

Ordinance No. R-19/2020 of the Rector of the Lublin University of Technology
of 11 March 2020

  1. All forms of classes for students, doctoral students and post-graduate students are canceled, starting from March 11, 2020.
  2. Classes will be completed on the date agreed between students, dean’s office and deans of faculties.
  3. Direct consultation for students is canceled. Consultations will be carried out by phone or electronically.
  4. The Scientific and Technical Information Center of the Lublin University of Technology will be closed to readers.
  5. The rules are valid until March 29, 2020 inclusive.
  6. Open events are referred to: conferences, symposia, lectures, events, artistic performances and other meetings of this type organized by the Lublin University of Technology, as well as events organized by external entities at the Lublin University of Technology.
  7. Business trips abroad and participation in national conferences of employees, doctoral students, students and participants of post-graduate studies at the University are suspended.
  8. The arrival of foreign guests to the Lublin University of Technology is suspended.
  9. The accommodation of new people in the Student Houses of the Lublin University of Technology is suspended and external visitors are prohibited from visiting these facilities.